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Brent Sirvio–or, when he’s feeling like he needs to be important, B. Elias Sirvio–holds an MA in Christian Thought from Bethel Seminary (’11), and a BA in Philosophy and Religious Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point (’05), where he was raised and currently resides with his wife and twin beans, by way of Springfield, Missouri, Kansas City, Tallahassee, Florida and various locales around the Twin Cities.

He has been a member of the American Philosophical Association, American Academy of Religion and Society of Christian Philosophers, won several awards for his work with an erstwhile collegiate newspaper, and writes on everything from Howlin’ Wolf to Randy Wolf to Wolfhart Pannenberg. (You probably caught onto that already.) His work has been featured at Outside Pitch Sports, where he currently is Managing Editor for their Major League Baseball coverage, as well as Yardbarker (now Fox Sports Engage), Fox Sports Digital, MLBtraderumors.com and Christianity Today’s blog.

The views expressed herein are solely those of the author, unless otherwise noted. In no way should they be considered reflective of any other person, organization or entity, unless quoted. (Duh.) Reproduction of all material found herein without written consent is prohibited and generally not cool, but he’s usually amenable to being quoted with attribution and permission. So just ask, that’s all.

sailerb is updated whenever the spirit moves, and is currently on hiatus. Comments, questions or other inquiries are welcome, either publicly in the comments or here.

And while he is not sponsored by anyone, he unapologetically chooses BlackBerry for mobile communications (including some blogging and maintenance here), Koss Stereophones (by which he drowns out the world and writes to the sweet sounds of, well, anything from pre-war blues to minimalist electropop to hot jazz to numbers station broadcasts) and swears by Lavazza, IllyCaribou Coffee and Kansas City’s Roasterie.

Oh, and a sincere thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read. Writing in the third person is exhausting.

anonymous populus operor non ullus vox.

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