Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

Hi. It’s nice to be back in this corner of the interwebs for the weekend. The plan is to crank out a few posts and generally remind you, dear reader, why I’m still in your follow list. Hopefully.

Where’d you go?

Several places, actually. In the real world, I’m working for a web solutions firm doing development support, which is odd because, prior to working there, my only experience with any kind of development was some crude HTML I picked up in high school and, um, this. It’s not saying much.

Well, they took me in and it turned out to be a surprisingly good fit. I wouldn’t have thought I could do half of what I do on a day-to-day basis, but it’s no different than being placed in a country where no one speaks the language: over time, you learn and eventually adapt to the context.

Don’t misunderstand me; I’m not some coding savant. Far from it. But I’m capable of far more than I thought: it only took two hiring managers and a recruiter to see what was in my blindspot. And now I know enough HTML, Bootstrap, CSS and PHP to get myself into trouble, and not nearly enough to get out of it.

Did I mention that the office is over an hour away? Yeah, that commute’s getting old.

On the interwebs, I started writing for OutsidePitchMLB.com in June and, by August, became their first managing editor. I’ve been busy reviewing resumes, writing samples and generally directing a staff of writers around the country and investing in their development as writers and journalists and writing occasionally. It’s more of a labor of love at this point, but OP is moving in the right direction and it’s an exciting time to help get them there.

Between las beañas, who are every bit of two, and a third, Don August, arriving before Christmas–advent entendre!–who has time to write, much less do anything?

In all seriousness, years on WordPress laid the groundwork for both these opportunities. I may not be writing so much, which is what I had hoped; if anything, I’ve learned that blogging shouldn’t merely be a means to an end exclusively in writing. There are plenty of great opportunities that can present themselves if you’re open to them. For me, it took seven years. YMMV.

And, if you love writing and creating content, don’t stop, and never be content. The time you invest in getting serious about what you love will reap dividends.

Any other questions you’d like answered? I’m listening.

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