briefly, …hired!

A personal aside from everything else.

Well, life is about to ramp up considerably.

I accepted a position with an IT firm elsewhere in Wisconsin, which I will be starting a week from Monday. This unexpected four-month vacation is coming to a close, and I can’t wait to get started there.

Also, seven-plus years of blogging has at last paid off: in no small part due to my occasional work on baseball here at sailerb, I have accepted a position with Outside Pitch Sports as a baseball staff writer, and will start publishing stories there tomorrow. OPS is proudly powered by WordPress, and I’m pleased to be featured there.

The reality is that, with a new full-time job and a part-time role that requires me to be writing extensively on top of that, sailerb will have to take a backseat. There will be the occasional post, but by and large, this blog will be going on hiatus.

The even greater reality is that, without you reading and your support, I wouldn’t have these opportunities. Seriously. You have helped me not only get a job, but helped me get my break. 

There are over 700 followers, subscribers, fans on facebook and followers on Twitter. Some of you were the only ones reading early on (and for that, I’m profoundly sorry); others of you jumped on when I was Freshly Pressed with ‘Running with Scissors’. Some of you just joined this month. All of you made this happen. I cannot begin to express my gratitude for your comments, ratings, kind words, not-so-kind words and, most importantly, your time reading here.

If you’re into baseball, feel free to follow my work over at Outside Pitch via my Twitter feed: @BSirvioOPS. If you’re not into baseball, even clicking my posts helps with page views.

I’ll be around. Drop a line anytime. I mean it.

Thank you again.




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