keep hope alive: dispatch from the bread line, day 41

When I set out to do these posts, I didn’t know what a burden they’d become on top of an otherwise stressful set of circumstances. That, and I didn’t consider how much they’d detract from the spirit of the blog. So, because it’s my blog and I’m otherwise afforded the luxury to do so, I’m changing the rules in the middle of the game and making DftBL a periodic feature than a daily feature.

With that in mind, a bit of bittersweet news from these parts: I’m finally finding some stronger positions and have a real sense of optimism about a handful of opportunities which have presented themselves in recent days. The downside is that almost all of them are not in Mecca, meaning that, in all likelihood, we will be moving before long. Yet another notch on the belt, getting out the boxes, loading everything up and finding a new place to live.

While I’ve lamented regularly about life here, it’s hard to imagine that we won’t be here. This is where our children were born, where for a moment we felt like real grown-ups, where we found a church community and friends who have been so gracious and supportive through our struggles, triumphs and trials. This is where I learned to be a father, a husband, a family man and a leader of a household. This is where my faith was renewed in dire circumstances. It drives me crazy, but I’ll miss this place when the time comes to pull away for the last time.

There is hope.

Dispatches from the Bread Line are week-daily regular blog posts until I’m employed again.


One thought on “keep hope alive: dispatch from the bread line, day 41

  1. I feel your pain.. Even though military life afforded me the joy/pain of moving regularly, it does not lessen the pain and anxiety of moving from where you want to be. I type this from Greenville SC, 3.5 hours from love life and happiness yet I must struggle alone to become more of what I need to be. Thankfully my military retirement paid for the important stuff and I can now get back to being a productive taxpayer vice a tax payer burden. Soldier on and may you find peace in your decisions..

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