applications as an artform: dispatch from the bread line, day 28

No one should get so familiar with digital HR platforms. Ever.

For the most part, they’re cumbersome, clumsy and illogical programs. And I’ve dealt with more than my fair share of them. I’m tired of modifying and rewriting cover letters, tired of having to correct the same, stupid errors the auto-populate feature makes on each submission (…but loving the fact that they can pull from a social networking page. That part is actually quite innovative and helpful.)

Really, there was a simple beauty in walking into an office, speaking with someone in personnel and having made a connection with a person. Try navigating most firms or corporations that way these days, and you’ll more than likely whip your phone against a wall. It’s as though the process is designed to be something less than human. Inhuman resources; talent acquisition, as though they are laying bait in the water and seeing what gets caught and what can be released back into the wild.

It’s a frustration I’m working through as I plow through application after application. Today has been a productive job search day, but I can tell within moments whether a job submission is going to be relatively smooth or a complete headache. It’s tough to keep a positive attitude whenever I upload my resume and know that I’m going to have to go into their platform and correct the mistakes they made with my information. And believe me, it makes a company look silly when they use a flawed platform as their gateway into their company.

First impressions are a two-way street.

Some of us after a while become pretty good at the application game, some of us become veritable da Vincis or Van Goghs of the process.

Some of us create entire worlds of opportunity, others end up driven to madness. Death by self-inflicted Taleo.

Dispatches from the Bread Line are week-daily blog posts until I’m employed again.


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