dispatch from the bread line: day 26

Today was the day I was hoping to start getting feedback from the over dozen resumes I’ve submitted around the country. The holidays are in the rear view, the world was in a deep freeze yesterday: surely at this point, I should be hearing something, right?


I can’t imagine going much longer like this, but there are thousands who have gone years without gainful employment. I’ve been here about a month and it’s driving me nuts. And then there’s the sneaking suspicion that these [mostly] daily posts, something I hoped would be poignant and fun is, from your perspective, an exercise in tedium.

Yeah, I’m in a weird place.

There’s always tomorrow.

Dispatches from the Bread Line are week-daily blog posts until I’m employed again.

7 thoughts on “dispatch from the bread line: day 26

  1. May I know how old you are? I’ve been in the unemployment predicament for four and a half months and looking for anything (I’m 56 with a vast array of experience)…not even the poop-scoop job was granted to me! Good luck

      1. Absolutely! I’m really glad that i only have myself to worry about, but the job hunt does become more complicated as the years pile up! I didn’t even get accepted for a poop scoop job at a dog daycare; how degrading is that? I wish you good luck, but you’ve got youth on your side, so something will come your way!

  2. I spent a year unemployed.. MBA, Retired navy, Lots of management experience in many areas etc.. keep pushing out resumes.. Do not trust that MONSTER actually submits your application to a posted job.. Call the company in question at the location you applied for on the following day.. You will be surprised to find out that many do not get your applications.. Applies to other job boards.

    1. Hi Dave, thanks for your comment and for reading.

      I appreciate the encouragement and continue to pump out the resumes. I do not submit through any of the job search sites; but use them to go directly to an online application at the potential employer’s site.

      Even with that in mind, I think you have merit in still attempting to follow up to make sure my applications don’t end up in digital limbo and I will be sure to be more strategic and intentional that way.

  3. You’re in the waiting place. If you haven’t read it already, please check out Oh, The Places You Will Go by Dr. Seuss. It is, in my opinion, his best – and it’s a great story for us adults who feel like we’re in a weird place. And thanks for following me on Cold, btw.

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