vigor renewed, vision expanded: dispatch from the bread line, day 14

Sometimes, all you need is a few days off the hunt to refocus for the job hunt.

With an idyllic Christmas, replete with gently falling snow all throughout the day, now in the rear view, it doesn’t feel like such a chore to jump back into the help wanted pages and get back to the business of finding new employment. In the meantime, it’s been fun to spend time over the past a day or two with my babies for their first Christmas. Of course, they’re only six months old, so they don’t really understand how awesome Christmas is, or will be in the forthcoming years, but holidays are for family and loved ones and, though I’ve been home more over the past two weeks, I’ve had to sequester myself away in other rooms, face buried in the screen looking for new career opportunities.

A few days away from the hunt and a couple weeks since being let go also leaves me wondering more and more a different, previously more fantastic thought:

Perhaps I should just do this full-time and generate support by pledges and sponsorship off the blog.

So, the question I leave to you is simple: should I?

Like this post Respond via the poll below if this is something you would get behind. I’m only treating this as a barometer for support, nothing more or less, so feel free, but please be honest. We’ll see if my way out of the bread line may have been right in front of my face for the last five years.

Be careful out there, after-Christmas clearance shoppers. Those nine-packs of Scotch tape aren’t worth running someone over with your shopping cart.


Dispatches from the Bread Line are week-daily blog posts until I’m employed again.


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