briefly, the first 100

Over the weekend, this little blog space reached a milestone: 100 followers.

In finance, they say the first million is the hardest: after that, each successive million is easier to earn than the last. In the same way, once I hit 100 subscribers, now I’m seeing regular new adds, from places the world over.

Among the highlights for me have been getting Freshly Pressed–‘running with scissors’ continues to get hits months after the fact–the one time I got noticed by a bunch of fairly militant atheists a few years back, the time a long-time friend told me my blog was unworthy of his time, defending a good friend from a dire situation, and, of course, the kind words people have commented or e-mailed me privately, along with the conversations some posts have generated along the way. Feel free to comment your personal favorite posts, if you’re so inclined. I’d love to see what you liked!

In short, I’m overwhelmed. It’s gratifying and humbling to know there is an audience who appreciates the vast–some might say ADD-level–array of topics I try to cover as thoughtfully and critically, with a dash of honesty and humor and as much goodwill as possible. Thanks for following, for reading, for liking on facebook–click the box to the right if you haven’t yet!–and for sticking around. You are all very much appreciated.

On to the next 100. From there, who knows?

Regards to you all the world over,



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