A few housekeeping notes:

– While I’m not in any way demanding that you go, the link on the right for ‘salerb‘ is for sailerb swag for the intellectually unfashionable. I’ve made a few adjustments in there, including dropping the price on everything and poopcanning American Apparel and their ripoff markups for sweatshop work. I’m hoping to get a promo code for the holidays to make it even more reasonable, too. BTW, I’m not laughing all the way to the bank: half the commission goes to my good friend Bob Adams, who took the time to design the logo for me pro bono. So, if you have a few extra bucks and would like to help spread the blogospel, go for it.

– I’ve updated the post ‘RIMming Out’, because rumors of RIM’s demise, at this stage in the game at least, are exaggerated and, as I said I would do, I’m perfectly OK with admitting when I’m wrong.

– Posts here have been sporadic of late. I try to stick with the Sunday-Wednesday routine, but it’s not always easy. Lately, it’s been downright challenging, if not impossible. Life routinely gets in the way for a part-time blogger with full-time ambitions and more than full-time responsibilities everywhere else. So, as usual, I appreciate your patience. I’m hoping to be back to a more regular schedule soon.


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