briefly, on prince fielder to the tigers

Hello, Monday reader. I know you weren’t expecting me today but, in the spirit of the hot stove cooling off in favor of spring training, I present another lengthy facebook comment I left for a friend which deserves its own snippet.


I fail to understand what Prince was thinking by allowing Boras to take the deal to Detroit. First, Comerica is massive. Even with Prince’s power, his skill is to hit to all parts of the park: many of his home runs at Miller Park (as well as the other hitters parks in the NL Central: Houston’s short porches, Cincinnati’s bandbox, Wrigley) are fly outs short of the warning track at Comerica. And he’s steadily losing his ability to run, so he’ll only be able to hit deep doubles. I’d expect no more than 30 HRs and upwards and even beyond 50 doubles.

Secondly, he’s somewhere around adequate at first base, but his skill is diminishing there, too. Detroit’s going to have the worst infield in the American League by 2014 and, if genetics are any indication, Fielder will be a DH by then, like his father. Pretty expensive DH, and what do you do with Cabrera, who, too will have no worth in the field? And history is decidedly not kind to post-defense Cecil. Granted, Prince is a different beast than his father was, but the clock is ticking for Prince.

Which leads me to my third point: Prince hates his father. HATES him. And with good reason, since Cecil was his first agent, he wasted all his son’s early money on gambling and debt and left Prince hung out to dry. Why on earth would Prince want to go to a city where he will be in his father’s shadow for the rest of his career?!

What would have made the most career sense is for Prince to have stayed in Milwaukee. He’s got his detractors, and most of them are internet trolls, but he’s generally loved in MKE, he has built-in protection in the Hebrew Hammer, the park is suited to his style of offensive production and he got to carve out his own person there.

What is clear is that Prince wasn’t doing the thinking; Boras was. And that’s a shame because, while it was a great payday, it was a devastating career move for a potential HOF talent.


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