an update on tim rohde

Several weeks ago, I submitted a piece on Tim Rohde, one that was widely-read and circulated. I’ve had several inquiries on how he’s doing, and thought it timely to provide an update. Don’t take my word for it, though. I defer to the subject himself. We’ll be back to regularly-scheduled posts on Sunday. As always, thank you for reading. –b.



Dear Readers of sailerb:

Greetings! Brent asked me to provide an update on the situation that he so eloquently and graciously wrote about in early December. At that time, I was literally days away from the foreclosure auction of my home. I had filed an application requesting a loan modification, but everyone involved (from the lender to mortgage adviser) acknowledged that there was no chance such a request would be approved. And then, last week, I learned that my mortgage modification request qualified for a relatively new government program . . . and I have been approved! Just like that! It will be a tight squeeze financially, so to speak, but I will be able to remain in my own home. “Thanks be to God!” seems inadequate in this situation, but what else can I say?

I want to give my deepest gratitude to many of you who helped make this possible through your gifts of both finances and time as you asked God to intervene; now that God has opened the door, I am able to walk through it because of your help. As Brent wrote, I was very reluctant to have him share my story. I have always worked and paid my bills, so having to go on government disability and then not being able to meet my financial obligations is something that makes me feel ashamed and embarrassed. I am reminded, however, that in weakness we find strength . . . strong hands that support us, hold us up, gently move us forward. These hands come from from God and from those he uses to intervene in our lives in the middle of calamaties and times of hopelessness. Thank you, friends, for being his hands extended into my life.


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